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Score for this pod is -102 out of 100
Detected language of this pod is English

Uptime since we started monitoring this pod 30 months ago is 85.28 percent
Response Time from our monitoring server in is 61 milliseconds
This pod has 100 total users with 23 active the last 6 months, users have posted 67 times and commented 151 times
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Server Country: United States
Server State:
Server City:
Server Latitude: 37.751
Server Longitude: -97.822

The host of the pod would like you to know

Hosted in Atlanta, Georgia. All are welcome to join!

We take data security seriously and your privacy is of the utmost importance. The server itself is a virtualized instance behind a firewall, with encrypted backups being sent offsite via borgbackup.

Note: We're a new pod, so we're just getting things set up and ready to go, so things may seem a bit small and quiet.

Things that are either not working yet, or have yet to be set up:

  • Public Federation Relay
  • Instant Messaging
  • Publish to Twitter