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A diaspora* pod run by Micro Data Systems Ltd. Registrations are accepted subject to the general diaspora* policy "Be nice to each other". Debate, discussion, news, posting about interests and private communication between friends is encouraged. The podmin does not wish to enter into any disputes about posts and wants to maintain a "hands off" policy with regard to handling reported posts (that is, we don't want to spend our hard earned free time moderating posts). With this in mind, please be considerate of other users. Material that is illegal in the UK, EU or US should not be posted on this pod. If you are looking for, or wish to publicly post pornographic content, please choose another pod or host your own. Any activity that the podmin deems to be contrary to the "Be nice to each other" principle or risks being illegal will not be tolerated. One warning will be given (allowing you time to extract your data and move if you do not accept our judgement) and your account will be closed without warning if another report that we agree with is received. We discourage the use of bots and would prefer that content originating from this pod is not indexed or aggregated unless it has been posted into the public aspect. We actively discourage aggregation services from sending share requests to our users for the purposes of aggregating any content that is not specifically public in nature. If you use our pod, we would very much appreciate a small monthly contribution. At present, the pod is running on a rather resource limited machine and we would like to expand our hosting to be more resilient and increase resources allocated to it. Your support will allow us to do this. If you have any questions, please contact support_#_microdata.systems (replace the middle three characters to make an email address). Thanks.

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